If you are looking for a company that truly believes you deserve to know the truth, then we are the Polygraph analysts for you!

Our company is committed to assisting a diverse client base with professional assessments, in order to facilitate the resolution of important issues. For our clients in the business community, this means assistance in ongoing investigations that have involved some form of financial loss.

Through the use of sophisticated Polygraph and Scanning techniques, we are able to help our clients establish the truth and gain evidence, in order to aid further investigations.

Our examiners are highly qualified professionals, who are motivated to help protect the client by verifying the truth, while following the highest standards of moral, ethical and professional conduct.

Mission Statement:

We are constantly dedicated to providing a valid and reliable means of verifying the truth, and above all to do so with the highest levels of moral, professional and ethical conduct. We place great value on integrity, objectivity and fairness at all times, providing you, the client with the highest levels of service. After all quality service is reflected by quality results.

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